Aradhana Khowala

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KhowalaAradhana is a global expert on the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Her executive, entrepreneurial and board career spans over two decades, five continents and 75+ countries. She is currently the CEO of Aptamind Partners, a private client advisory that advises governments and businesses on using tourism as a force for good and she is the former Managing Director of Tourism at NEOM which is the US$ 500 Billion land of the future in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A sought-after Board Member she has an active portfolio of board roles both in private and listed companies which includes being the Chair of the Red Sea Advisory board in Saudi Arabia, Board Member of World Tourism Forum in Lucerne Switzerland as well as Board Member of the leisure arm of a multi asset listed holding company. She speaks widely on sustainable tourism, tourism of the future, women in leadership and has participated in global policy discussions in United Nations bodies, the WEF as well as the G20 apart from all major tourism Summits. She has studied at Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne in Switzerland, Cornell University in US and INSEAD in France.

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As we face unprecedented "talent" challenges as an industry, we need to rapidly transform the outdated parts in our industry as the choices businesses make today will have consequences for years to come.

Ranking Human Capital from “taking them for granted” "the" link to success

Post pandemic we are gearing up to rebound and reopen as a sector, customers are enthusiastic to return but hospitality businesses are scrambling around for workers. Job openings in the US, UK, EU and many other markets are at a record high yet the number of vacancies far exceed hires, in some places setting records for the largest gap.

Worrying Lack Of Diversity At The Top Of Hospitality, Travel And Tourism Companies

On the surface, the travel and tourism industry is leading the way when it comes to gender diversity, with women representing 50% of employees across the sector. But hidden in plain sight is a different story.

What are the Global Tourism Recovery Trends & Challenges

Projecting the future for tourism and hospitality is a challenge under the current circumstances. There are many paths to success but there are several challenges along the way. How will this sector change as the recovery begins? Hospitality Talks is thrilled to bring three professionals together that have a global vantage point.
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