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Christine Demen Meier

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at EHL

Dr. Christine Demen Meier is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at EHL. She holds both the Saviva F&B and Metro Innovation chairs at the school. Since 2010, I am head of the F&B Chair, which was created under the impetus of various players of the F&B industry. The aim of the Chair is to study innovations and sustainable development in the food service industry in order to provide students and F&B professionals with new knowledge. After obtaining a PhD in Management Science focusing on entrepreneurship and independent restaurants, in 2007, I was given the opportunity to share with EHL students – and those of other schools, as an invited professor in several Master programs – my experience and knowledge in entrepreneurship.

Between 1975 and 1998, I concentrated all my energy on the creation and management of my companies, which also required I use all my expertise: project management from inception to completion, always based on excellence and performance criteria, interpersonal skills, both for client and employee team management, and last but not least, business negotiation skills and stress management competencies.

In 1998, my search for answers to conceptual management questions and personal development issues pushed me to resume Management Studies, teaching and research. As a practitioner become a researcher and professor, I still continue to sit on the board of directors of a three star hotel, am a member of several international associations among which the AIREPME (International Association for Research in Entrepreneurship and SMEs). In addition, I act as a consultant for various professional associations or organizations such as the European Institute for Cooperation and Development. Training start-up designers through various organizations such as the CTI or CRPM is also a motivating aspect of my activities.

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