Kelly McGuire

SVP, Revenue Management at MGM Resorts International


Analytics evangelist, passionate about helping the hospitality and travel industries realize the value of data-driven decision making. I focus on connecting the dots between strategy, business process, technology and execution. I have a background in revenue management. I have also worked extensively in marketing analytics and hospitality operations.

I am adept at facilitating integration between business, analytics and IT. I have spent my career gathering and translating requirements between these functions, both on technology projects and analytics projects. I enjoy helping executives realize and articulate the value of analytics and fact based decision making. Hospitality companies struggle to realize the ROI on expensive technology investments. I can help bring together the strategy with the execution to ensure the organization gets full value from data, analytics and technology.

Insights by Kelly McGuire (32)

The Ethics of Digital Transformation in Hospitality - Risks vs. Reward

Is the reward worth the risk? In a highly competitive marketplace, ethics has become a real differentiator where reputation and ethical values are as important as delivering products and services.Digital privacy and ethics encompass many facets of how enterprises conduct their businesses.

We’re out of the rut. Now what?

In the pre-COVID-19 era, some revenue managers were indeed stuck in the rut. Who were they? Revenue managers who acted as mere “OTA Relationship Managers.” Or as comp-set pricing strategy plagiarists.

Executive Panel: The Impact of the COVID Crisis on Digital Transformation in Hospitality

How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted hospitality service providers? How do you run a business when your clients have no money? Discover the answers in this discussion…Presenters: Dr Kelly McGuire, Ma.

Digital analytics, demystified: Three analytical techniques to amp up your digital efforts

“Analytics” is a big buzzword in every industry. The domain can seem complex and vast – and it is. Particularly in emerging areas like digital, there is a lot of noise around the techniques available and their application.

What to expect in 2017: A view from the CHR Advisory Board

CHR Insights features industry analysis and commentary from Kelly A. McGuire, MMH '01, PhD '07, who is a CHR fellow and vice president, advanced analytics, for Wyndham Destination Network. Previously the leader of the SAS Hospitality and Travel Global Practice, and a member of the CHR Advisory Board, she has long been active in advanced analytics and big data.
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