Kelly McGuire

Principal Travel & Hospitality, ZS


Analytics evangelist, passionate about helping the hospitality and travel industries realize the value of data-driven decision making. I focus on connecting the dots between strategy, business process, technology and execution. I have a background in revenue management. I have also worked extensively in marketing analytics and hospitality operations.

I am adept at facilitating integration between business, analytics and IT. I have spent my career gathering and translating requirements between these functions, both on technology projects and analytics projects. I enjoy helping executives realize and articulate the value of analytics and fact based decision making. Hospitality companies struggle to realize the ROI on expensive technology investments. I can help bring together the strategy with the execution to ensure the organization gets full value from data, analytics and technology.

Insights by Kelly McGuire (40)

A ‘don’t-do’ list for hospitality in 2022

We’ve all had enough to do the past couple years, so I thought I’d offer some tips to help take a few things off our plates for 2022. While we have reasons to be optimistic in the third year of the pandemic—most of us are burnt out from dealing with market volatility, demand surges, staffing shortages and a satisfaction crisis—and we do need to be prepared for more of the same.

What are the best technology solutions for optimizing revenue?

First of all, I don't think that those that are not "all in" on applications of AI and ML in revenue management should be considered technophobes or Luddites. AI and ML algorithms are in their relative infancy right now.

Creative Revenue Management: How Can Hotels Sell their Spaces in Time of Crisis?

The answer to this question is actually no different than it was prior to the crisis or will be after the crisis. To continue to find new sources of revenue and new ways of selling, you need that magical combination of data and creativity.

Focus On Productivity: How COVID taught us to do more with less resources...

Whether its because of labor shortages or ongoing cost cutting measures, it is clear that hospitality will struggle with labor in the upcoming months from property to corporate. This means that organizations must rethink every aspect of the business to find efficiencies, but also revenue opportunities.

Beyond Room Revenue - Revenue Management opportunities for 2021 and beyond

Industry has been talking about moving beyond rooms revenue for decades. Concepts like Total Hotel Revenue Management have been extensively talked about, but not systematically acted upon.
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