Michael Levie

COO and Founding Partner at citizenM

Michael Levie

Michael Levie; upon graduating from Essec Mba in hospitality management (IMHI Cornell / Essec), worked for various international hotel chains including Sonesta International Hotels Corporation and NH Hoteles all over the world. As Vice-President of Operations he managed large hotel portfolios. Michael also worked for SynXis, where he started and headed up the European office. Michael Levie is currently a founding partner and in charge of operations at citizenM hotels.

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Hospitality: The Great Reset in Hospitality

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on hospitality has been huge, from operations, investment, conceptual design and much more. We discuss how purpose and brand can remain aligned, whilst highlighting new imperatives and learnings the industry should be taking on board.

COVID-19 Impact Story: Michael Levie, COO, citizenM Hotels

Join us for a first-hand look at the impact of the global shutdown following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak with:Michael Levie, COO, CITIZENM HOTELS – a member of the EACCNY.The questions we ask.

HTS 2020: Citizens Explore the Blue Ocean for Innovation - Michael Levie, citizenM

Hospitality Tech Summit by HTNG 2020, 13 FebruarySpeaker: Michael Levie, COO, citizenM

Loyalty is Dead, Long Live Loyalty | Henri Roelings, Michael Levie, Marc Dardenne | YHS Virtual 2020

Over the past decade, consumers and corporations have deviated from the traditional sense of loyalty. It is more than a program; it’s a business game, and it is changing. This panel recognizes that loyalty has become more associated with a customer’s whole journey, their experience, and being part of a community.

Do hospitality schools deliver the talent you are looking for today?

Hotel or business school and academic education in conjunction with skill is a very logical discussion. Hotel and business schools differ some in education but aren't completely foreign or strangers to each other.
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