Fabian Bartnick

Founder at Infinito


Fabian is the Founder of Infinito, Home to IVI - your very own virtual revenue management assistant. Previously, Fabian was the Vice President of Asia Pacific & International Business at LodgIQ . Fabian’s career covers all sides within hospitality including property, regional and corporate level roles as well as consulting and technology vendor roles across 4 continents and 25 countries. Fabian has helped built and apply price optimization, visual analytics and total revenue management tools across the globe and successfully turned around revenue performance in many companies by providing strategic consulting services as well developing powerful revenue analytics solutions that empower the business to maximize its revenue potential. Fabian has been on the Board of Directors for HSMAI South East Asa and currently sits on the HSMAI Advisory Board.

Insights by Fabian Bartnick (19)

How can hotels correctly calculate their costs per acquisition?

Finding a calculation that fits every hotel is impossible – different taxation, rules of cost allocation, franchise vs managed vs owned % fees, P&L fee structures, etc. We also need to be realistic.

Focus On Productivity: How COVID taught us to do more with less resources...

Less staff have to take on more tasks yet more concerning: less qualified staff have to take on more complex tasks. We shouldn't fool ourselves that "Covid taught us to do more with less resources" - we are not! The net outcome is the same, we are not doing more, we are simply re-distributing the same tasks amongst a lesser amount of people.

Is Rate Parity Obsolete?

Rate Parity in itself was a flawed and BS concept from the get go, only putting more powers on OTA's and tech vendors making money of selling parity data to hotels. If we look at other industries: buy a TV in shop 1, same TV in shop 2 cheaper.

Google is phasing out third-party cookies... Will it impact hotel marketing?

There is two parts to the problem: a) how does a hotel ensure that their ads now hit the right target and b) as you rightly said, how is the tracking going to work at a hotel level but more specifically - how are vendors currently tracking that data will change their mechanism, if at all required?Whilst its nothing new that google just gatecrashes parties and owns verticals once broken into (with travel being a major one i believe going forward) I find it highly interesting that google goes back to "segmentation" whilst always playing the "hyper personalization" card in all other areas.

Beyond Room Revenue - Revenue Management opportunities for 2021 and beyond

Any area of the business that has not embraced optimization has opportunity to do better. When we look at the other revenue streams we need to be prepared that things work differently, that systems are different, that other areas are requiring optimization besides "moving my rates up and down".
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