Fabian Bartnick

Founder at Infinito


Fabian is the Founder of Infinito, Home to IVI - your very own virtual revenue management assistant. Previously, Fabian was the Vice President of Asia Pacific & International Business at LodgIQ . Fabian’s career covers all sides within hospitality including property, regional and corporate level roles as well as consulting and technology vendor roles across 4 continents and 25 countries. Fabian has helped built and apply price optimization, visual analytics and total revenue management tools across the globe and successfully turned around revenue performance in many companies by providing strategic consulting services as well developing powerful revenue analytics solutions that empower the business to maximize its revenue potential. Fabian has been on the Board of Directors for HSMAI South East Asa and currently sits on the HSMAI Advisory Board.

Insights by Fabian Bartnick (17)

A Post-Crisis Top-3 Revenue Management Action Plan

Here are the three main action steps in revenue management in the post-crisis period: 1. Break down the silos! The post-crisis requires a completely new approach to revenue management (RM), not going back to the old ways of doing RM.

Why are there so many hospitality technology vendors in our industry? (Part I)

Is there a magic bullet out there for hoteliers? is there some sort of techno-wizard that will in a 'poof' eliminate your need for multiple (often futile) integrations and IT resource back-ups? The answer is NO, and thank goodness! We all know that the hospitality world is desperate for solutions.

What do MMA and forecasting have in common?

Mixed martial arts is a sport that’s all about full-contact combat, and takes place in a modified boxing ring (or a cage, for goodness’ sake). Forecasting is a planning tool that’s all about coping with future uncertainty – and takes place at your desk.

Is Airbnb Hotelier’s Friend or Foe?

My view is that it's not a simple topic and there are several aspects to consider. 1 - On moving in to hotel space, this is a natural progression when tracking all of the existing OTA's.

“Netflix” your Revenue Culture

When I was growing up, color TV was an essentially a commodity. We even started to have something called a VCR. TV's whilst in color were clunky, VCRs were just another clunky box underneath - however, it provided the first glimpse of freedom at that time as you were able to schedule programs you wanted to record (clunky, but it did the job).
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