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Bärbel PfeifferBärbel Pfeiffer is a former hotel executive turned marketer who helps hotels create content that makes them stand out. She is the founder of Text Spot On a communications agency that assists hoteliers with creative marketing concepts that engage, generate leads and drive business. During her 20-year career in the industry, Bärbel worked for Hilton International, boutique hotels in Germany and Switzerland and hotel resorts in the Caribbean.

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The 4 Powerful Resources of Hoteliers that’ll help You Overcome the Aftermath of Corona

The world as we know it is dissolving. A transformation that scares. Like everything outside of our experience and control. And the transformation we’re experiencing is huge. Hotel industry and tourism are among the sectors most affected by the Corona crisis.

“Feeling Home Away From Home” – These Words Could Hurt Your Hotel Marketing

Words are powerful tools. They attract or turn off. They bore or intrigue, and they trigger a wide range of emotions. Words can help you sell your hotel - and make you stand out. Especially in an industry where too many hotel websites are still full of platitudes and catchphrases.

Hotel Marketing Is A Matter Of Trust, Not Strategy

When you promote your hotel, be honest. "Nobody is perfect" and admitting small weaknesses makes you instantly "human" and likeable. And that coming from a marketing professional! Crazy, I know. Of course, you want to make sure your hotel appears in the best light.

Why Nagging Hotel Guests Can Help You Make Your Hotel Stand Out (And No, Not In The Way YOU Think..)

If you're as passionate about hotels, as I am, you'll agree with me: Nothing beats the excitement of walking into a hotel lobby in the morning, wondering what challenges await you today, and what interesting people you’ll meet.

What To Do When Your Hotel Rooms Aren’t Selling

Enter your favorite shop and look around. Why do you think it has become your favorite? Very probably, because besides offering good stuff, it's all set up for a great shopping experience. The signature products are presented in a way that grab your attention, the store surroundings let you feel comfortable and at ease, and making a purchase is a pleasant process.
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