Carson Booth

Chief Operating Officer at Fetch (Pos8)

Carson Booth

Extensive international management and technology experience. Most recently joined the POS8 team as COO to launch and scale-up the Fetch product. Previously the Chief Executive Officer of SnapShot, a Shiji Group Brand, having successfully led the conversion and full integration of the data and analytics startup into the Shiji Group portfolio of technology offerings. Prior, the Global Vice President, Property Technology for Starwood Hotels & Resorts (Marriott) and General Manager, Starwood International Licensing Company Sàrl, Luxembourg. Greatly enjoy strategic planning, revenue generation, P&L management, performance optimization, multi-cultural and multi- geographic organization leadership.

Insights by Carson Booth (12)

Hotel Technology During Crises, Does it innovate?

It is very apparent that a sizable consumer behavior shift towards contactless/mobile-first guest experiences has accelerated as a result of the pandemic. Airlines, banking, and nearly all industries have already embraced these shifts, however, the hotel industry has significantly trailed in adopting a mobile-first self-service strategy - some of this is due to archaic rules about identification, whereas most of this is due to archaic beliefs that guests only arrive in the afternoon and leave in the morning.

How COVID has accelerated the mobile-first shift in on-premises F&B

One clear result of the coronavirus pandemic is an accelerated shift of consumer behaviour towards mobile-first experiences. This shift began years ago with the release of mobile email and phone technology that came with ubiquitous internet access.

Thoughts and recommendations for CYBER HITEC!

I am very excited to see Cyber HITEC. For full disclosure as an HFTP board member, there was a significant amount of debate over the full effectiveness a cyber-only event could bring to the industry.

HFTP Europe Hangout with Carson Booth, CHTP, Previously CEO / Snapshot GmbH

Make sure you are getting value out of your cloud services in today's environment. The presentation was lead by Carson Booth, CHTP and focused on a hotel or hospitality business's software-as-a-service costs.

Should hoteliers develop in-house or outsource IT applications and solutions?

I have a strong buy preference personally, however, there are many factors needing consideration before the buy v build decision can be this a strategic tool? Does it drive differentiation with your competitive set?does it directly drive a top-/bottom-line result?will you have the best tools, architecture, and innovation?what will modernization and support efforts look like in three years? Is that the best use of your limited capital?what's the ideation to run lag time? Is there an alternative product or service that is better/faster/easier/more functional to deploy and manage?are you suffering from the Ikea effect?There are many more questions that come to mind, but in the end, hospitality is about providing superior guest service.
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