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President & Co-Founder, The Rainmaker Group

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Tammy Farley co-founded The Rainmaker Group in 1998. Rainmaker today is an industry-leading provider of proven revenue management and profit optimization systems to owners/operators in the hospitality, gaming/hospitality and multifamily housing industries. She devotes her time to increasing revenue and delivering greater profitability for clients. Tammy is a highly respected resource for innovative revenue management practices and project consulting. She has spearheaded successful revenue management implementations for nearly two decades and maintains close professional relationships with clients ranging from Omni Hotels and Resorts in the traditional hotel space to Caesars Entertainment in the gaming/hospitality industry. Tammy is a member of the HSMAI Americas Region Board of Directors and on the Board of Directors of Make-A-Wish® Georgia.

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Digital marketing & revenue management: Powerful partners in profitability

A hotel’s revenue optimization team and its digital marketing team my not always see eye to eye, writes Tammy Farley, President & Co-Founder of The Rainmaker Group. But they each play an indispensible – though complementary – role in successfully marketing the hotel.

The Top 7 Hospitality Trends Every Hotelier Should Watch in 2019

Last year proved to be a strong one for the U.S. hotel industry, with occupancy, average daily rate (ADR), and revenue per available room (RevPAR) all trending positively. For 2019, STR and Tourism Economics1 optimistically project another year of growth.

Three Game-Changing Hospitality Trends for 2017

There is an old adage that says, "The only constant is change." Although attributed to Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher who lived around 500 B.C., apparently that statement is as true now as it has ever been - perhaps even more so.

Big data and big trends mean big opportunity for revenue managers in 2017

Looking to 2017, Rainmaker’s Tammy Farley explores some of the more significant and current disruptive trends that will affect the hotel industry, and what savvy revenue managers will need to be taking from, and doing with, the big data they are gathering about each segment of their market, in order to make it actionable.

Total profit optimization: Break free from the “room rut”

Two key segments are poised to drive a sea change in the way hotels operate: millennials and international travelers, writes Tammy Farley of The Rainmaker Group. Given their increasing importance to the hotel industry, and their potentially different profile as guests, hoteliers must understand how to assess the total value of each guest by factoring all revenue streams into their pricing decisions.
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