Paul Van Meerendonk

Director - Advisory Services at IDeaS Revenue Optimization

Paul  Van MeerendonkPaul Van Meerendonk is Director of Advisory Services at IDeaS, a leader in providing the hospitality industry with the latest revenue management software solutions and advisory services, where he leads a global team of revenue management and pricing experts who are focused on hospitality revenue optimization projects. Prior to joining IDeaS, Paul was an Asset Manager with Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels, working on various assignments in the UK and Europe on behalf of investors, banks and financial intuitions. His work was aimed at ensuring property performance and return on investment through interaction with, and auditing of, hotel management. Paul holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Economics from the Amsterdam School of Business, and is a certified Six Sigma Greenbelt.
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Is our industry lagging behind due to a lack of proper education?

Hospitality schools have always been extremely good at Hospitality focused courses. There are only a handful of schools globally that have made significant progress on anything close to hospitality IT, analytics, revenue science or digital marketing.

Breaking Down Silos and Building Up Profit on the Quest for Total Revenue Management

Booby traps and secret passages, solving puzzles and venturing into the unknown. The greater the goal, the harder the journey will be, and the pitfalls are aplenty as we chase the things everybody wants, but few can find.

Training, Maintaining & Elevating Top Hotel Revenue Management Talent

Remember that whiz kid in reservations? He had grown up with computers and seemed able to fly around the property management system with natural ease and skill. Sure, his job was just to answer calls and make reservations, but he had a knack for finding cool reports buried deep in the system.

Firing Up the Revenue Productivity Engine

As is covered in so many articles, blogs and news items out there today, we live in a world of change, and a lot of this change is driven by technology. We are being bombarded by the next best thing for the industry, including voice, IoT, analytics and many other buzzwords and topics.

The Power of Personalization: Customer-Choice Pricing

OTAs may help hotel-room shoppers find the best price, but at what cost? Sure, everyone loves a good deal, but let's not forget that people will pay more for the things they value. By instituting a personal, choice-driven approach to the sales process, hotels could see both guest satisfaction and their profits ascend to new heights.
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