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Bojan Jokic

Epteca Co-founder & CEO

Bojan Jokic has been a disruptive force in the travel technology industry since 1997 and today serves as CEO and co-founder of Epteca, an emerging technology company bringing unique 'smart selling' marketplace ecosystem capabilities to companies and brands worldwide.

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Attention Airport Retailers & Travel Industry: If Your Location Based Mobile Marketing Isn't Hyper-Relevant, Timely and Using Contextual Data - Don't Do It!

so the beacon push reminds them 'hey, you have this app that saves you time/money/rewards/etc.,' and they appreciate that. The reminder wouldn't be as effective unless the person was in a store, ready to shop." - inMarket's CEO Todd DiPaola.Millennials love it, with 84% acting ...

Are Airports the Shopping Mall of the Future?

But these days, more and more malls are sitting empty or shutting their doors. No new fully-enclosed mall has been in the United States since 2006, and experts predict that as many as half of all existing malls will shut down in the next ten years. In China, one of the largest ...