Kristina M. D'Amico

Director at HVS Miami

Kristina D'AmicoKristina D’Amico is a Director in the HVS Miami office. Her expertise spans consulting and valuation for both existing and proposed hotels and resorts throughout South Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Kristina’s significant international consulting and appraising experience includes assets in the Caribbean Basin across 16 Caribbean islands, as well as the Riviera Maya region of Mexico and various countries in Latin America. In particular, due to her creative thinking abilities and her skill with complex projects, she has an extensive background in consulting and valuation of proposed and existing all-inclusive resorts, as well as mixed-use resorts with a residential component. She is a state-certified general real estate appraiser and is working through the final requirements for her MAI designation. Contact Kristina at (305) 378-0404 Ext. 1016 or [email protected]

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Reactivating the Caribbean during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The top priority for all islands in the region has been a focus on residents and the public health issues at hand. Upon knowledge of the COVID-19 pandemic, each island immediately closed its borders, which allowed for a very low number of cases in the region so that the islands could focus on containing the virus transmission without any additional entrants.

2019 in the Caribbean Region: 'Cause Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright

The Caribbean islands have long been established as a popular travel destination for U.S., Canadian, and European travelers. Tourism to the islands is highly dependent upon the availability of transportation.

A New Day in the Sun: CHICOS 2018

While last year's CHICOS focused on the Caribbean region following the immediate aftermath of the two devastating back-to-back hurricanes, this year's CHICOS theme, "A New Day in the Sun," discussed the positive attributes that stemmed from these tragedies of one year prior.

One Year Later: The Rebound of the Caribbean following the 2017 Hurricane Season

It has been one year since the most dynamic, active, and destructive hurricane period hit the Caribbean in decades. Despite the devastating effect to the region, the resiliency of the Caribbean hotel market has been demonstrated particularly well over the last year, spurred by a strong recovery effort and bolstered by an influx of new airlift to the region.

HVS Key Takeaways: CHICOS 2017

With U.S. and global attention focused on the Caribbean region following two record-breaking hurricanes that hurled through the region in September, the timing of CHICOS less than two months later opened the door to educated conversations within our industry.
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