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Peter TarlowDr. Peter E. Tarlow is the President of T&M, a founder of the Texas chapter of TTRA and a popular author and speaker on tourism. Tarlow is a specialist in the areas of sociology of tourism, economic development, tourism safety and security. Tarlow speaks at governors' and state conferences on tourism and conducts seminars throughout the world and for numerous agencies and universities.

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The Gift of Travel

December is a month for the giving of gifts. It is also a time to motivate employees during a season not only of joy but also for many a time of great frustrations. For those employed in the tourism industry December often means large crowds and challenging weather situations.

Tourism Tidbits: Crisis Recovery

The recent devastating hurricane that struck the Bahamas in September is one more example that tourism industry leaders must constantly be mindful of potential crises. From acts of terror and crime to earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis and weather-related issues, industry leaders must have plans to face both natural and man-made crises.

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