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Peter TarlowDr. Peter E. Tarlow is the President of T&M, a founder of the Texas chapter of TTRA and a popular author and speaker on tourism. Tarlow is a specialist in the areas of sociology of tourism, economic development, tourism safety and security. Tarlow speaks at governors' and state conferences on tourism and conducts seminars throughout the world and for numerous agencies and universities.

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Tourism Tidbits: Developing Team Leadership in Uncertain Times

All too often tourism professionals talk about “partnerships and team leadership”, but unfortunately what many of them actually mean by that phrase is: “let’s see what you can do for me.” Agency-centric tourism, however, in this period of weather-related crisis, wars, political upheavals and pandemics is becoming more and more difficult to manage successfully.

Tourism Tidbits: Dealing With Natural Disasters: The Before and The After

Last year, 2020, was not only the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, but it also saw a rise in major storms and other natural disasters such as forest fires around the world. The year 2021 has taught us again that things can always get worse.

Tourism Tidbits: Balancing Tourism Marketing And Security Needs

Last summer the tourism industry not only experienced a major marketing paradigm shift, but it found itself in the midst of the worst crisis in its history. Even as late as the last decade of the twentieth century it was not uncommon to hear tourism officials voice their concerns that they feared that too much, or too visible, tourism security practices would lead to visitor fear and a lowering of profits.

Tourism Tidbits: Site Beautification And Security Protocols

This June people from around the world will be seeking new ways to break away from the consistent quarantines and lockdowns and once again experience the beauty of travel. In this world of wanting to break free, a locale’s physical appearance will be more important than ever.

Tourism Tidbits: Developing Employee Loyalty In The Hope That Tourism Will Soon Return To Normal

One of the things that the tourism and travel industry learned from the Covid-10 Pandemic is the importance of good and loyal employees. Everyone seems to want loyal employees, yet few tourism businesses seem to know how to win this loyalty.
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