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Peter Tarlow

President of Tourism and More

Dr. Peter E. Tarlow is the President of T&M, a founder of the Texas chapter of TTRA and a popular author and speaker on tourism. Tarlow is a specialist in the areas of sociology of tourism, economic development, tourism safety and security. Tarlow speaks at governors' and state conferences on tourism and conducts seminars throughout the world and for numerous agencies and universities.

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Tourism Tidbits - Sports Tourism

One only has to examine the controversies surrounding professional sports to know that sporting events play a major role in tourism. In much of the world newspapers devote more space to sports news than to foreign news and major sporting events such as World Cup Soccer, the ...

A Hard Week in the World of Tourism

Tourism is a composite industry and from the customer's perspective what occurs in what part of the industry may well impact other parts of the industry. People who work within tourism, however, often tend to see their section of the tourism industry as independent of other ...