Lyle Worthington

Technology Executive and Consultant & Past President of HFTP Global

Lyle  Worthington

Lyle Worthington, CHTP is a hospitality technology executive, advisor, mentor, and world-renowned technology consultant with over 23 years of diverse technology experience ranging from software developer to CIO. He is a CIO advisor to multiple global hospitality brands, the CIO of The Student Hotel based in Amsterdam, and Past Global President of HFTP. He has served on and chaired several boards, committees, and councils specific to the hospitality industry, and has been an active voice for technology in Hospitality for over 13 years. He regularly speaks at global technology and hospitality industry events and has written numerous articles for hospitality technology printed and digital publications. Outside of hospitality, Lyle spends his time working with technology startups, playing and coaching lacrosse, and skydiving every chance he gets.

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How do we encourage a start-up culture in hospitality?

Start-ups need a strong ecosystem to nourish them. Good financial funding upfront is important to help build a strong foundation, but investment from the hospitality community in the form of strategic guidance, introductions, references, and just taking a chance on a new thing is the fuel that helps them grow.

Is 'data scientist' the next hot position in hotels/hospitality?

This is a valuable position for all businesses that want to make the shift to data-driven decision making, but is certainly a critical position for any medium or large business. Quite often, though, the role of a data scientist is misunderstood.

How can sustainability be communicated beyond clichés and greenwashing?

If you want people to believe that you care about the environment, then you have to start by actually caring about the environment. Your guests will write off the generic "mindfulness" options if they don't believe they are coming from a place of genuine concern for the environment.

Should hoteliers develop in-house or outsource IT applications and solutions?

Building tech in-house can be cheaper and can provide more customized solutions, but only if you know what you are doing and you invest properly. You need to understand how to build software and, more importantly, how to maintain it.
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