Sherry Marek

Co Founder, Vice President at Datavision Technologies

Sherry Marek

Sherry Marek is a passionate advocate of helping the hospitality industry make informed and data-enabled decisions to streamline operations. Co-founded Datavision Technologies in 1996, with the goal of bringing broad spectrum business intelligence to all key areas of hospitality operations. Today, she leads an amazing team of software engineers, business analysts and customer happiness focused professionals who have earned trusted relationships with customers and other vendors. Actively participate in industry events at trade shows, online media and local hospitality events.

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Is Hotel Technology Lagging Behind other industries?

Twenty to thirty years ago, most industries envied hotels and their knowledge of the customer. Hotels knew who their guests were as well how they spent their money while on property.

Total hotel revenue management? Scratch that! Call it revenue optimization!

The exciting evolution of revenue management continues to develop in the hospitality industry. Initiatives in revenue management by hotel groups and hospitality vendors started in the 1980s, focused mostly on room revenue.

The end of the steely-eyed analysts? Business Intelligence takes center stage

Gone are the days when hotel managers made decisions based on gut feeling, years of experience – or perhaps which way the wind was blowing on a given day, writes Sherry Marek of Datavision. As users are becoming more sophisticated, she explains, the current trend is toward self-service Business Intelligence.