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Bronwyn White

Bronwyn has 22 years experience in the travel and tourism industry in the areas of market research, sales and marketing. Her extensive career includes organisations like Qantas Airways, Destination NSW and TNS Research.She has experience in a wide range of travel and tourism services, including: market research / insights,Internet marketing,strategic and tactical marketing consultancy and executive officer services for regional tourism organisations. She also runs a well respected seniors travel blog, Bronwyn is also the published author of Seniors Travel Tips, a global travel guide for seniors.

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Breakthrough Search Advice for Tourism Operators in an Age of Artificial Intelligence

Google is becoming more like a personal assistant than a search engine; destination marketing organisations should take advantage of these changes, says Bronwyn White

To Succeed, Destination Marketing Organisations Must Publish or Perish

Dear DMO, your mission for the next 12 months is to establish trust, reputation, and authority with Google and the search engines, because these days, there are only two markets that matter: Google and yourcustomers.

The Changing Needs of Millennials: New Implications for the Travel Industry

Millennials – also known as Gen Y or the Me Generation – are moving into a new life stage. The 18 to 35 year olds are becoming responsible parents and assertive business travellers.The travel industry needs to be aware of such changes because millennials are entering into 'peak influence' as business travel consumers.

Why Chatbots Are Transforming the Travel Industry

Chatbots can be simply defined as artificial intelligence programs that conduct conversations with humans through chat interfaces.Consider a chatbot as a personal assistant who can respond to enquiries or give recommendations on a certain topic in a real-time manner.

The Pros and Cons of Using Snapchat in Tourism Marketing

If you're a marketer for a tourism destination, product or service, should you be on Snapchat? says you do need to be on Snapchat if your main market is youths and travellers in their 20s, especially if you're trying to attract them in a cost-effective way.
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