Bram Gallagher

Economist at CBRE Hotels' Americas Research

Bram  GallagherBram Gallagher is an Economist for CBRE Hotels' Americas Research. He maintains performance forecasting models for 60 major U.S. hotel markets, performs consulting work for a destination marketing organization, creates tools for hotel developers, and examines the effects natural disasters have on hotel occupancy. His background in statistical modeling and understanding of how markets operate have allowed him to reveal powerful, new insight into the future of the lodging industry. Mr. Gallagher has worked as a professor at Middle Tennessee State University and Berry College. He left Academia for a research position in the lodging industry in 2015 to better learn how economics is practiced. Mr. Gallagher can be contacted at 404-812-5189 or [email protected]

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Geopolitical events, fear and the hotel market

Conventional hotel market predictions are based on time series analysis of key variables, and these kinds of predictions have well-understood properties when businesses operate as usual. Exogenous demand shocks—shocks originating beyond the scope of any particular hotel market—have the potential to create unpredictable disturbances, in part by creating emotional or psychological barriers to travel that we call stigma or fear of travel.