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Bram Gallagher

Economist at PKF Hospitality Research, a CBRE Company

My previous research work has often involved health data, especially in pharmaceutical direct-to-consumer advertising and its effect on behavior. A working paper I am currently developing examines strategic advertising in response to the regulatory environment. After drugs are approved for marketing by the FDA, frequently additional tests are requested or required, called postmarket commitments and requirements. The time prior to the due date for postmarket tests may represent an opportunity for a company to increase its marketing efforts for a drug before it is required to include more severe warnings, and preliminary results suggest this may be the case. More generally, I am interested in producing new data and combining existing data in novel ways to produce forecasts and other actionable insights. For instance, in my position at Mather Economics, I wrote a Stata program that estimated demand elasticities for newspaper subscribers to forecast attrition rates for price increases. In this way, we were able to provide monthly price change recommendations to our clients that increased revenue while minimizing subscriber attrition. I also helped write and edit an industry white paper for state lotteries, where our models predicted sales of scratch-off lottery tickets for state lotteries.
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