Thomas Magnuson

Co-Founder & CEO Magnuson Hotels

Thomas MagnusonThomas Magnuson co-founded Magnuson Hotels as a home based business with his wife Melissa in 2003. Today, Magnuson Hotels is a top 10 global hotel chain representing 1000 hotels across 3 continents. Headquartered in London UK and Spokane WA, Magnuson Hotels has become the fastest growing hotel brand in history, adding more new hotels in the last 10 years than 8 of the top 10 chains combined. Magnuson Hotels’ newly formed global alliance with Chinese operator Jin Jiang Hotels forms a consortium of over 6,000 hotels worldwide, equal to the size of a top 5 global hotel chain. Thomas Magnuson is a Graduate of Harvard Business School, Pepperdine University School of Business and Tufts University.
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DEBATE: Owner v operator – where does the power lie?

Motion: In the redrawn hospitality landscape, the imbalance of power between owners and operators is greater than ever. Real estate is king and owners are in the driving seat.Owners:Vivek Chadha, Man.

How To Be A Human Swiss Army Knife

When you start a business you often only have one or two people so you have to fill every role, even though it's only a company of one. You may have taken classes, you may not. If you can, take a step back and ask yourself, "What business functions are needed to achieve a profit?" Then, create a simple and lean org chart, not of people, but of the functional roles needed.

Heart Of A Lion: The Harsh Reality Of Entrepreneurship

There are a billion different reasons which drive people to become entrepreneurs. Some people are driven by a desire to help people and some people just want to go for money.

Small Company: Big Technology. Compete Against The Big Boys From Your Garage

Freely-available technology means anybody can start a global company. Despite today's conditions, there's never been a better time for small businesses to go big.

Why UK hotel property owners need a CVA alternative

If it were a stable world, we would understand why UK hotel property owners would submit to the current CVA proposal.
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