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Todd Noftall

I have almost 25 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry. Great Customer Service and creating memorable experiences for all my guests is something that is important to me. Another passion of mine is sharing my knowledge and experience with the future leaders of this great industry. In addition to being a General Manager I also mentor College students enrolled in Hospitality Programs.

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Four key components to being a successful Manager in the Hospitality Industry

Let me start by stating the obvious. There are a lot more than just four key components to being a successful manager in the hospitality industry. I know that! However, these four components, that I am going to focus on, are important to me and have played a critical role in my career thus far and they are essential elements of my management style.

The Combination To Unlocking Great Customer Service

Tell me how I can provide great service! That is a question I get asked a lot. Whether it is here on LinkedIn or by College Hospitality Students or by my Team Members.

Convenience does not equal service

We are in the early stages of the technological age of hotels. The industry has changed more in the last five years then it had in any other period in its history. But there is one thing that remains constant and this one thing is the corner-stone of our industry.

Technology and Customer Service

No one can dispute the influence that technology is having on the Hospitality Industry and specifically on how we deliver Customer Service and how we enhance our guests' experience;

Great Service: Don't just contribute to it, commit to it!

Are you committed to providing your guests with Great Customer Service or are you simply a contributor. Everyone who works in a hotel should, at a minimum, contribute to your Hotels service culture by practicing the fundamentals of great service.
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