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Todd M. Noftall


I have almost 25 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry. Great Customer Service and creating memorable experiences for all my guests is something that is important to me. Another passion of mine is sharing my knowledge and experience with the future leaders of this great industry. In addition to being a General Manager I also mentor College students enrolled in Hospitality Programs.

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The Combination To Unlocking Great Customer Service

Tell me how I can provide great service! That is a question I get asked a lot. Whether it is here on LinkedIn or by College Hospitality Students or by my Team Members.What's the one thing that I can do? someone asked. I said, "Smile". Another person asked a similar question ...

Convenience does not equal service

Innovative tools like Mobile Key and Mobile Check-in have revolutionized the industry and have given our guests a sense of freedom and flexibility unlike any other innovation. Self check-in kiosks provide our guests with a far more streamlined check-in experience than any person ...

Connecting with guests - Don't miss that opportunity!

At every point of contact and with every interaction with your guests, you have the opportunity to impact their stay. Now whether or not that impact is positive or negative, completely depends upon the importance and value that you place on each of those opportunities.Providing ...