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Nicki Graham

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager at Cendyn

Nicki Graham is the Senior Marketing and Communications Manager at Cendyn, the leading provider of hotel CRM and hotel sales platforms in the hospitality industry.

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Revenue Manager's guide to CRM

Behind every successful CRM program is a team of committed staff, for many hotels, they are made up of:Marketing Manager/Director of MarketingFront Office ManagerGuest Relations ManagerRevenue ManagerGeneral ManagerTo ensure that no opportunity is missed and no guest is overlooked, ...

Segmentation throughout the guest journey

Do they all receive the same communication to confirm their stay and/or before their arrival?Are they all confronted with the same post-stay survey communication once they check-out?What level of interaction, outside of face-to-face encounters, do you provide to each guest?With ...

A hotel marketer's guide to CRM

Typically, the marketing department plays the lead role in CRM, acting as the primary user and key operator of CRM software and managing guest communications and data.As the guardian of the hotel's brand, the marketing manager ensures that all guest communications are on brand ...