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Jos SchaapJos is a well-known hospitality software executive and entrepreneur, with over 30 years of experience in hospitality and software. He is CEO at ROOMDEX , which he co-founded early 2020 to bring automation around room upgrade & upsell revenue optimization (high margin revenue) as well as forecasting to hotel operations. Prior to ROOMDEX he founded StayNTouch Mobile PMS. StayNTouch became one of the new leading PMS providers and was successfully sold to Shiji Group in 2018. Prior to StayNTouch, Jos spent 17 years at MICROS Systems Inc. (Now Oracle Hospitality), most of it, as Senior Vice President in Global Product Development and Strategy for the Hotel and eCommerce Divisions.
Insights by Jos Schaap (67)

Visioning a Post-COVID Era in Revenue Management

Our global hospitality industry is facing its greatest challenge in modern history—and also its greatest opportunity for transformational change. It would seem 2020 dealt us all a losing hand, but there's still a game to be won.

Revenue Management - How Upselling Provides Low Cost Revenue and Loyal Customers

All kinds of businesses use upselling to enhance the customer experience and maximize revenue on existing sales. From the McDonald's server asking, "Do you want fries with that?", to airlines offering seat upgrades, upselling provides a business the opportunity to maximize the value of every customer.

ROOMDEX Webinar - How new technologies can be the catalyst for industry recovery

ROOMDEX automates, monetizes and ultimately simplifies the hotel room upgrade process by putting the power of choice in the hotel guest’s hands. Founded early 2020 by Jos Schaap, Pierre Boettner and Denis Bajet, 3 industry veterans (Ex.

'Free' PMS API Integration is the Key to Hotel Innovation

Ask any hotelier or hotel technology company about their biggest pain points, and inevitably they will mention integration. Interfacing between legacy hotel Property Management Systems (PMS) and third-party systems have plagued the hospitality industry for years.

Are Hotels Finally Ready to Embrace Attribute-Based Selling?

Hotels have gone through many changes over the years. However, one thing that has barely changed is the industry's attitude towards room distribution.
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