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Carolyn  Childs

Carolyn has spent more than 25 years’ helping businesses achieve their goals by using research and other evidence to guide strategy and planning – mainly in the aviation, travel and tourism fields. She has worked in more than 35 countries on every inhabited continent and brings a detailed understanding of customers and how to connect with them. As well as running her own businesses, she has worked for organisations such as the International Air Transport Association, TNS (the world’s largest custom research company) and the Travel Research Centre. Her clients include blue chip names across the industry including Aer Rianta, Tourism Australia, TurEspana (Spanish national tourism organisation), Air New Zealand, Qantas and Emirates.

Her passion is making a difference and she does this by making research accessible and business focused. With Bronwyn White, she co-created Domesticate™ (now owned by TNS) – one of the industry’s most respected sources of strategic direction for the Australian domestic tourism market.

She set up with Bronwyn in 2011 to help fulfill this passion by making the tools, approaches and insights accessible to everyone.

Carolyn is a regular speaker at conferences. She is currently President of the Asia Pacific Chapter of the Travel and Tourism Research Association, is a Certified Member of the Market Research Society and has sat on the UNWTO Panel of Tourism Experts.

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