Amanda Wisell

Marketing Manager at Springer-Miller

Amanda Wisell

With a background in the outdoor industry, adventure travel and hospitality, Amanda specializes in marketing and storytelling with a focus on the role of technology in hospitality organizations and works closely with the community of Springer-Miller System’s hotel and spa customers.

Insights by Amanda Wisell (9)

Hospitality Technology as a Guest Service Differentiator

Whether it's a five-star property providing five-star service or an economy hotel ensuring a warm welcome and efficient service, a property's reputation and success are founded on friendliness, efficiency and face-to-face interactions with their guests.

Generation Experience: How the Millennial Shift Impacts Luxury Resorts

With more than 75 million members in the United States, the Pew Research Center has confirmed that the Millennial Generation, entering their 30's and creating families of their own, now outnumbers the Baby Boomer Generation.

What Place is there for Technology in Spa?

Long a refuge for hands-on, personal service and a haven away from the constant connection of today's technology, spas are discovering that they, too, have a need for high-tech. From offering the latest modern treatments to connecting with guests on social media, technology has a role in almost every aspect of the spa experience.

What’s Next for Hotel and Resort Spa

Resort and hotel spas make up only about 20% of the global spa market but are often a source of inspiration and leadership in the spa industry while facing unique challenges. In addition to changing workplace dynamics as new generations enter the workforce, they must constantly search for ways to find and retain qualified staff.

Marriott’s Alison Ainsworth Talks Spa

We Interviewed Alison Ainsworth, Senior Director of Golf, Leisure & Spa Operations Europe for Marriott Hotels. Alison overseas about 36 Health and Beauty centers located within their membership-based fitness centers in Marriott Hotels across Europe.
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