John Burns

Hospitality Technology Consultant

John Burns

Identified by Lodging Magazine as one of the ten hospitality experts changing the travel industry, John Burns established Hospitality Technology Consulting (HTC) to assist hotels and other travel companies deal successfully with the increasingly complex world of electronic travel distribution. After stints with Hyatt International Hotels and Ramada, Inc., he joined THISCO (later Pegasus Solutions) as its Vice President-Product Development. Moving to technology-innovator, INTRICO he developed that company’s customer service organization. Mr. Burns founded HTC in 1992, heading this international consulting service specializing in assisting hotel chains and independent hotels in optimizing their central reservations, electronic distribution and revenue management programs.

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HITEC TV: John Burns in conversation with Oracle's Alex Alt

The conversation opened with discussion of the challenges of leading an organization in which everyone is working remotely. For John, few of his clients are in an office, for Alex at Oracle Hospitality his staff are working from home, around the world.

SHIFT + DEL! Do we need a massive reset?

Do we need to restart from scratch? My answer is “Yes, we don't have a choice!”. The world has changed massively. By contrast hotel technology has evolved surprisingly little. For example, the world has moved to apps; in the hotel business we still use “systems”.

Thoughts and recommendations for CYBER HITEC!

As individuals and as an industry we are by nature hopeful and optimistic. These traits have been repeatedly demonstrated during this pandemic by our laser focus on the recovery, which we want to happen right now! It is however, becoming increasingly apparent that is not going to happen that quickly.

Should hoteliers develop in-house or outsource IT applications and solutions?

I don't know the perfect answer. I believe, however, that it is somewhere in the middle, between in-house development at one end of the spectrum and the outsource-style choices of either an off-the-shelf product or commissioned, proprietary development at the other end.

Is Hotel Technology Lagging Behind other industries?

Yes, hotels and hotel groups are somewhat slow to replace their old systems or add new technology. While system vendors and consultants may lament this, the reality is that technology is a relatively low (but increasing) priority for many hotel operators.
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