Shangzhi Charles Qiu

Research Assistant at the Purdue Tourism & Hospitality Research Center

Shangzhi Qiu

Shangzhi Qiu is a PhD candidate at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Purdue University. He has worked for the Purdue Tourism & Hospitality Research Center for two years. His researches have been published in several reputable academic journals including "International Journal of Hospitality Management".

Insights by Shangzhi Charles Qiu (6)

Rural Tourism and Quality of Life in US and China - Part 4

The most recent Chinese literature about rural resident's subjective well-being focused on the population of children and senior residents (e.g., Han, 2016; Kuang et al., 2016). These two groups received particular attention because the current urbanization progress in China pushes large numbers of young labor away from their rural hometowns to work, many of them are parents.

Rural Tourism and Quality of Life in US and China - Part 2

Based on the literature about rural tourism in US and China, I identified the differences between the two countries in these aspects: 1) main forms of tourism; 2) rural tourism management and marketing; 3) role of government; 4) socio-economic condition of rural areas; 5) connection with QOL.

Before You Invest In Offering the Augmented Reality Experiences

The increased availability of AR applications provides destinations, attractions and tourism organizations more opportunities to enhance visitor experience (Han, Jung & Gibson, 2014). Although more and more destinations and attractions are incorporating the AR technology into the overall visiting experience, it is unclear yet whether this approach really increases the attractiveness of the place and brings more visitors.

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