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Jeremiah Magone

Marketing Director at Hospitality Copywriting

Jeremiah Magone is a direct response copywriter specializing in the hospitality industry. His interest in the industry stems from living all over the States, parts of Europe and his most recent 8-year stint in Japan. He is the author of the 300% More Direct Bookings in 30 Days social media marketing system and Hospitality Marketing Synergy, which shows hotels how to improve their group sales results by creating win-win partnerships. His hobbies include sipping wine with his wife, reading to his son and writing in the early mornings.

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Hotel Websites: Indirect is best

Forget what everyone and their grandma is telling you about getting direct bookings these days.Stop shouting, "Book now. 10% off!" from the rooftops.And take a page out of the direct-response industry's play book.Which is, if you want to win a deeper share of your market, you ...

How to get transformational testimonials

Getting transformational testimonials for your hotel's marketing efforts is really, really important.Now, I don't know if you've ever read the book Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz?He was a plastic surgeon who found that when he fixed people's appearance... when he fixed ...

19 ways to strengthen your hotel's website copy

Before diving into these 19 copywriting tips, let's first ask ourselves: Why should we take a second look at hotel's website copy, anyway?I mean, you already have something there, right?...Well, here's why... I'm sure you'll agree that your website is the center of your entire ...

5 reasons the drive for 'More Direct Bookings' will transform the hospitality industry into a direct response industry

First off, the hospitality industry is already a full-blown direct response industry.That might not be so obvious to the untrained eye, but you just need to know where to look.Take this, for example.Every time an OTA charges a commission, that commission is based on a verifiable ...