Nana Boussia

Associate at HVS Athens

Nana BoussiaNana Boussia is a Senior Associate with the Athens Office office since early 2016. Since that time she has been involved in various feasibility and valuation projects in Greece, Italy, Spain and other countries. Nana holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a postgraduate diploma in hospitality studies from Glion Hospitality School. Contact her at [email protected]

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In Focus: Chania City, Greece

Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, the 88th largest island in the world and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus, and Corsica. The largest city, and the island’s capital, is Heraklio.

In Focus: Countryside of Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a region in central Italy with an area of about 23,000 km2 and a population of about 3.8 million (2013). The regional capital and most populated town is Florence with approximately 370,000 inhabitants while it features a Western coastline of 400 kilometers overlooking the Ligurian Sea (in the North) and the Tyrrhenian Sea (in the Center and South).

In Focus: Halkidiki, Greece

The Prefecture of Halkidiki is located in the southeastern portion of Central Macedonia and consists of a large peninsula in the northwestern Aegean Sea resembling a hand with three "fingers" – Kassandra, Sithonia, and Agion Oros which contains Mount Athos and its monasteries.

In Focus: Alexandroupolis, Greece

Evros Prefecture is located in the north-eastern part of Greece in the natural boundary of the country with Bulgaria to the north and Turkey to the east. To the West it borders with the prefecture of Rodopi, access to which is possible via the Egnatia Odos Highway and to the south it lies on the coast of the Thracian Sea (part of the North Aegean Sea).

In Focus: Greece

In December 2008, we put together an article titled "The Changing Face of the Greek Hospitality Market" outlining the situation in the Greek hotel market at that time. Nearly eight years later, and after a volatile period inside and outside the country, we think it is appropriate to update our findings since we all live in "a completely different world" which has been profoundly transformed in terms of the sense of general prosperity prevailing in the Western economies since the mid-2000s.

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