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Laura Patterson

President at VisionEdge Marketing

Laura Patterson is a proven marketing practitioner, respected consultant and dynamic speaker. She is known for her practical, no-nonsense approach to proving and improving the value of marketing. Inventive and engaging, Laura quickly gets to the heart of the matter to provide actionable recommendations and solutions. Because her 20-year career began in sales and now spans customer relationship management and marketing, her recommendations are always cross-functional friendly. An early pioneer on the science side of marketing, Laura is recognized as one of the leading authorities in marketing measurement and performance, operations, and data and analytics. A strategic marketer, data and metrics master, she has helped hundreds companies in a variety of industries fulfill their marketing potential and achieve competitive advantage.

Articles by Laura Patterson (28)

Why Does Good Strategy Matter To The Bottom Line?

Strategy is fundamental to the success and sustainability of all organizations. It is about seizing opportunities and knowing which not to pursue, all while mitigating risk. Develop a Marketing strategy that stands the best chance of delivering on your current and FUTURE performance, ...

When Is It Time To Embark On Repositioning?

In 1969, Jack Trout introduced the idea of market positioning in a paper published by Industrial Marketing Magazine. Later, along with colleague Al Ries, he popularized the concept with their bestselling book under the title, Positioning - The Battle for Your Mind (1981). Since ...

How to Better Utilize Data and Analytics

Yet another study, this one by PAN Communications, continues to lament the challenge Marketing organizations face for measuring success. This particular study found that "76% of marketers are lacking the confidence to measure the success of their content programs." Despite this ...