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David Lund

David Lund is The Hotel Financial Coach, an international hospitality financial leadership expert. He has held positions as a Regional Financial Controller, Corporate Director and Hotel Manager with an international brand for over 30 years.

He authored an award-winning workshop on hospitality financial leadership and has delivered it to hundreds of hotel managers. David coachs hospitality executives and delivers his Financial Leadership Training throughout the world, helping hotels increase profits and build financially engaged management teams.

He speaks at hospitality company meetings, associations and he has had several articles published in hotel trade magazines and he is the author of three books on Financial Leadership. David is a Certified Hotel Accounting Executive through HFTP and a Certified Professional Coach.

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Hospitality Financial Leadership – Pay to Play

I have learned a few things since starting my own business nearly seven years ago. Here is a shortlist of accomplishments: I have managed to survive as my own systems manager which also means looking after Johanne's stuff which is no small feat for an older guy like me.

Hospitality Financial Leadership - Chapter 8 - The Trial

The chapter below is an excerpt from my new book. It's fiction but some of the characters and storylines are based on people I have worked with and events that have taken place in the hotels I have worked in.

Hospitality Financial Leadership – Everyone Is Famous for 15 Seconds

This pop-culture expression was coined by Andy Warhol and a friend Nat Finkelstein in 1968. I'm taking some liberties here but in 1968 it was 15 minutes of fame and in today's world - who's got 15 wh.

Hospitality Financial Leadership Separation of Duties – Part 2

In the business world protecting your assets is a critical strategy. Without it you are open to "things" happening that can cost you a fortune. I was trained with the concept of the separation of duties as a foundation so in some respects I take it that everyone else has the same perspective.

Hospitality Financial Leadership – The Death of Lord Mountbatten

In the hotel business we are always welcoming guests that have a variety of different needs and stories. In my first summer working at The Algonquin Resort I had the adventure of a lifetime living in the staff residence with my new friends and co-workers while my parents' house was but a few blocks away.
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