Dayk Balyozyan

Senior Associate at HVS London

Dayk BalyozyanDayk Balyozyan is a Senior Associate with HVS’s London office. Dayk holds a Master’s in Management degree from Toulouse Business School, with a specialisation in Corporate Finance. Prior to HVS, Dayk worked in management consulting, investment banking and hospitality in Paris, New York and Dubai. Since joining the London office in 2015, he has worked on valuations, feasibility studies and consulting mandates throughout Europe and Africa. Tel: +44 (0) 20 7878 7724 [email protected]

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An Overview of Hotel Management Contracts in Europe | By Dayk Balyozyan, Sophie Perret and Chris Martin

While hotel lease contracts have traditionally been very popular in Europe and continue to be preferred or required by many institutional investors, management contracts have become increasingly prevalent as many other investors have sought to share further in their hotel's trading profit and, at the same time, most major international hotel operators have become far less willing to offer leases.