Yung Dang

Assistant Asset Manager

Yung Dang

In her role as Assistant Asset Manager at TFG Asset management, Yung is responsible for conducting feasibility studies for new hotel projects and producing market performance as well as financial reports analysis. Her reports provide consultancy, daily decisions support and interactions with the company’s main management companies such as Auris Hotel Group, Wyndham Hotel Group, Millennium Hotel Group, Regus International. In addition, Yung is also involved in hotel operator selection process and negotiation rounds for management contract, lease and franchise agreements. More on the research side, Yung leads the Research initiatives in producing high quality studies. Yung holds a Bachelor’s degree from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) in Lausanne, Switzerland since 2014, majoring in International Hospitality and Entrepreneurship. Being an initiator, she led her team in various competitions and challenges such as Prix du Jeune Entrepreneur (PJE), Branding strategy challenge assigned by Ascott Limited where her team received the highest score. During her time at the university, she has also had her work published at the International Conference ENTER 2015 in Lugano, in a book titled Information and Communication Technologies.

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