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Shep Hyken

Customer Service and Experience Expert, Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author

Shep Hyken is a customer service expert, keynote speaker and New York Times bestselling business author. Follow on Twitter: @Hyken

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For A Successful CC You Must Have A Successful Ex

So, let's look at the inside of the company. Let's look at the EX, which is the Employee Experience. The EX is part of the culture. It starts with how leadership wants their employees to feel about working for their company. One of my favorite concepts to write and talk about ...

Sorry Shouldn't Mean "Too Bad"

I had a similar "I'm sorry" experience when I went to check out at a hotel. There was a $35 resort charge that I didn't know about. I was there for three days, so that added up to over $100. I asked the front desk clerk what I got for that $100. She said, "Free internet, access ...