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Andrew Sanders

VP, Travel & Hospitality - North America for DataArt

Andrew Sanders has held executive and sales leadership positions at global companies specializing in enterprise hospitality technology solutions for over 20 years. Andrew began his career at McDonnell Douglas Information Systems in the UK, leading sales, development and project management of a leading domestic hotel central reservations software platform. Still serving hospitality enterprise customers, he continued to lead the strategic development and large system sales of unified PMS-CRS solutions in the UK, eventually moving to the USA in 2000 with the acquisition of an NJ-based PMS solution vendor (M Corp). He is currently VP of Travel & Hospitality for North America at DataArt, a global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports software solutions in select industries. Among other services, DataArt helps companies move forward in their exploration of blockchain/distributed ledger technology (DLT), actively partnering with the leading players and consortia in the blockchain world and maintain expertise in the various flavors and permutations of DLT, including Hyperledger, Ethereum,, and others. The company has been steering and developing several blockchain projects within the various industries that focus on securities settlement, welfare payments and the streamlining of complex business processes and interactions. At DataArt, Andrew leads initiatives in the areas of business strategy and innovation mainly in the hospitality technology sector.

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