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Jogbojogbo Abdulrahman

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Jogbojogbo Abdulrahman, a digital marketer and content developer at, a Nigerian OTA. He was formerly the communications & PR manager for the company. He works on customer acquisition for the brand and writes about travel, marketing, technology, and the confluence where they all meet." A wanderer who is fascinated by the intersection of travel and technology.

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The future of hotel rooms

Take a spin back to 1950, and you'll be sure to find a well written and animated article on the subject - the hotel room of the future. It's an interesting subject for players in the hotel space, a culmination of unhinged literary creativity, and fairly logical projections based ...

VR in travel and hospitality; is it a fad?

With this piece, attempts to analyse the virtual reality (VR) technology, its value to the hospitality industry, and also assess the chances of it being anything more than a bogus apparatus you strap to your head. Will VR be relevant in hospitality decades from now, ...