Michael Schubach

Vice President of Product Management for Infor Hospitality

Michael Schubach

Michael Schubach, CHTP, CHAE, has more than thirty years of Hospitality industry experience and is currently Vice President of Product Management for Infor Hospitality. Previously, Michael was an industry writer and consultant working with many different organizations to develop strategies and content across the industry – from vendors to small and large hotel properties in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. He has also held the positions of Senior program manager at INFOR, Vice President of Product Management at Agilysys, Chief Information Officer at Trump Hotel Collection, Vice President of Resort Technology at Pinehurst Resort, and Vice President of Technology at Computerized Lodging Systems. Throughout his career he has supervised system installations at more than 2,500 hotel locations worldwide. In 2015, Michael became the 38th inductee to the HFTP International Hall of Fame during HITEC in Austin, Texas.

Insights by Michael Schubach (10)

SHIFT + DEL! Do we need a massive reset?

A massive reset would be wonderful — lots of problems bypassed thanks to the miracle of 20/20 hindsight... but it isn't going to happen. Wanting to be more like popular apps is a great thing if you have multiple millions of buyers, or even millions of free users who are willing to suffer the ads and the use of their personal data.

Are robots coming to a hotel near you?

Of course robots are headed our way. To quote the infamous Deep Throat, “Follow the money!” Investments that result in cost savings and improve shareholder returns always get top priority.

Is revenue management stuck in a rut?

Is revenue management not keeping pace with today's world? How condescending to assume that a lack of reinvention every decade is a sign of incapacity. Think back to the promise that revenue management systems made: a property could see its revenue increase by a minimum of five percent by opting into an electronic revenue management system.

Should hoteliers develop in-house or outsource IT applications and solutions?

The build-or-buy technology question is hard to answer if you're part of a software development organization, but harder still when you represent a proprietary user community – even a sizable or highly specialized one.

Artificial Intelligence… Where could and should AI be adopted in our industry?

It may be time to stop asking where we “could or should” be adopting Artificial Intelligence. 'Should' is off the table because AI technology is becoming so pervasive and meaningful that we can't afford to ignore its capabilities.
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