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Lillian Connors

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Bizzmark

As a senior digital marketing consultant, Lillian Connors believes that the question of business goes far beyond the maximization of profit through different money-grabbing ploys. Instead, she likes to think that ethical principles should be at the core of every commercial venture, paving the way for much more balanced distribution of wealth on a global scale.

Articles by Lillian Connors (20)

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Whether you're only replacing the existing furniture or moving it to a new location, there are several considerations to keep in mind in order to make the process as smooth as possible.Make a detailed inventoryRemovals can get chaotic and in order to stay on top of things as ...

Hotel Vehicle Rental: How to Start It

Yet, getting the operation off the ground can be a daunting undertaking. Namely, to make your endeavour lucrative, you have to do as much spadework as possible, prior to launching the business. Here is a guide on how to overcome the roadblocks and structure a successful hotel ...

Hotel Security: How to Optimise It

Hotel security can mean the difference between acquiring returning customers and potential guests choosing a safer option. Bottom line is, your guests should not be thinking about their safety; that is your job and the responsibility of your hotel to provide. Here is how you ...