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Lillian Connors

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Bizzmark

As a senior digital marketing consultant, Lillian Connors believes that the question of business goes far beyond the maximization of profit through different money-grabbing ploys. Instead, she likes to think that ethical principles should be at the core of every commercial venture, paving the way for much more balanced distribution of wealth on a global scale.

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Hotel Preventive Maintenance: The Essentials

The 80/20 ruleIn the hospitality industry, there's an unofficial rule which recommends that any hotel should strive to increase their preventive maintenance operations and minimize corrections of failures by the following ratio - 80 percent for planned tasks, and 20 percent ...

Hotel Fleet Vehicles: Principal Considerations

The most effective way to make your hotel fleet more efficient is to update old, uneconomical and unreliable vehicles to newer models. New vehicles can also prove less vulnerable to theft, and at the same time increase road safety. On the other hand, choosing the right vehicles ...