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Jai Govindani

Chief Technology Officer at Red Planet Hotels

Currently Chief Technology Officer at Red Planet Hotels, Jai Govindani oversees the entire technology stack, both internal and guest-facing. Jai was responsible for architecting and implementing the end-to-end guest experience as part of Red Planet’s rebranding in 2015 and continues to drive innovation in that area. Jai began his career at an entrepreneurial incubator in 2006 where he pioneered business concepts combining online and offline media into social entertainment experiences. In 2007 he was responsible for steering Siam2you, Thailand’s largest mobile content business at the time, back into profitability. Following that he founded Monster Media, one of Thailand's first digital interactive media firms. Prior to entering the hospitality industry, Jai most recently founded and ran Zodio, a Bangkok-based regional tech startup focused on Asia.

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