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Victoria is a lifestyle writer and a true home improvement and DIY fanatic in constant pursuit of trying something new. She’s in love with life, love, and self-love. Her fields of expertise include home decor, interior and exterior design, landscaping and walking a dog for miles and miles. Psychology is also a topic she likes to explore along with some nice cup of green tea, where she’s sometimes making a difficult decisions about which tea would be perfect for her next cup. You could say she's an avid tea-drinker.

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What Legal Problems Could Hotels Encounter

Hotel hygiene and overall maintenanceProbably the most common issue that most hotels are facing are, in a way, related to the environmental health. When cleaning a hotel, there is just so much to cover, that some hotels are forced to enforce not-so-safe policies or employ people ...

Keep Guests Coming Back to Your Hotel

According to one survey, about 8 percent of return clients generate 40 percent of your entire profit. Nowhere is this as true as in the hotel business. In fact, here, the numbers in favor of regulars might be even greater. People, even those who love to travel, enjoy certain ...

How to Effectively Get Rid of Unwanted Pests in Hotels

Bed BugsBed bugs are an infestation that even the best hotels aren't safe from since they are usually brought to the hotel premises by guests themselves. As the international travel developed in the past couple of decades - bed bugs became a more common problem.Bed bugs feed ...

How do hotels reach a Deal Breaking Garden?

The hotel business is about making sure your aesthetics are consistent and welcoming. If you are a hotel business that aims to increase their star rating - taking care of your garden is essential in making that a reality. In addition to increasing the overall position on the ...