Stefan Gössling

Professor at the School of Business and Economics, Linnaeus University

Stefan Gössling

Stefan Gössling is a professor at the School of Business and Economics, Linnaeus University, and the Department of Service Management and Service Studies, Lund University, both in Sweden. He is also a coordinator of tourism and transport research at the Western Norway Research Institute.

Insights by Stefan Gössling (4)

The price of hotel sustainability: willing-to-stay and willing-to-pay?

Many businesses continue to consider sustainability as something that is costly and necessary, rather than to get certified, to engage in additional measures on a voluntary basis and to then communicate all of these efforts pro-actively.

Sustainability-driven legislation: setting the right conditions for hospitality?

Climate change mitigation needs have been known for decades. Industry has been slow to wake up to the problem, and slower still to act. The trajectory of emissions has known only one direction, upwards.

Tourism and food: Making a difference for climate change

The hotel sector’s excessive energy use, its greenhouse gas emissions, suboptimal use of fresh water and land, poor management of waste and sewage – so many things should urgently be improved. Where do you even begin? Prof.

The environmental future of accommodation

The hospitality industry has myriad touchpoints where it could reduce its environmental footprint. Stefan Gössling, Professor at Sweden’s Linnaeus and Lund Universities, believes that the way to start is to identify incremental, easy-to-implement changes, which can have a substantial cumulative impact.