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Founder & CEO, Astrapto

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Dr. Aurora Dawn Benton is a passionate and dynamic speaker and consultant specializing in sustainability strategy. She has worked in a variety of industries (retail, software, financial services) and most recently spent 7 years in hospitality education, teaching and designing programs for executives and students, in the U.S. and internationally. Aurora holds a Bachelors in Business Administration in Information Systems from Georgia State University, a Masters in International Business with Latin America specialization from University of South Carolina, and a Doctorate in Business Administration in Social Impact Management from Walden University. She is a Certified Sustainability Associate from International Society of Sustainability Professionals, has a Certificate in Sustainable Tourism from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), and a Sustainable Event Professional Certificate from the Events Industry Council. She serves on sustainability committee of the Global Business Travel Association.

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The (Green) Recovery Imperative: Hospitality Re-Set Or Bouncing Forward?

We continue to have a culture and structure problem that blocks a "green recovery". I frequently hear students who work for chains say they read about sustainability initiatives on the corporate website (not a job requirement; it's a class assignment), but then do not see evidence of those commitments at their property.

The Future of Sustainability Certification: Micro-Certification?

We can learn from how other sectors are grappling with this. After I read the question, I went to my pantry for a selection of items with various certifications - an average of 4 per product.

Sustainability Gives Hotels An Edge In The War For Talent. Or Does It?

Green teams!! I hear comments like "we tried that once" or "it's the last 15 minutes of our safety committee meeting" or "our executive committee is the green team." None of those is a solution to culture (or sustainability, quite frankly).

Who makes hospitality sustainability happen: Governments, Industry, Consumers?

First off, we have to stop doing research that pits sustainability against price, location, safety, and cleanliness. Just because it's lower on the list does not mean it is not wanted or preferred.

Climate Emergency And The Hospitality Industry: Are We On Track?

Here are a couple of thoughts from my perspective: Too much opacity in the brand-ownership model. Brands make the commitments with little or no teeth at the operational/ownership level.
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