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Nicolas Dubrocard

Senior advisor in sustainable tourism

Nicolas Dubrocard started his career in France where he participated in different programs to improve tourism in Armenia and train young professionals from Israel and Morocco. He moved to Morocco in 2007, created his own company, collaborating with The Travel Foundation and UNDP. In 2011 he became the International Director of the Green Key. After a few years in Denmark and providing a lot of support to the 41 countries involved in the label, he moved to Thailand to develop the Kuoni Water Champion Program. Later he worked for Wild Asia in Kuala Lumpur. He now divides his time between Europe and Asia, teaching at the Bocuse Institute in Lyon and IUBH in Germany. He also conducts audits for the Green Globe and Travelife eco labels and develops international standards for elephant camps in Southeast Asia.

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Sustainability. Really? Not yet.

Efficiency gains - and the cost savings that go with them - have given some hoteliers sufficient reason to embrace sustainability measures. But what has to happen for sustainability to truly "go global"? It obviously hasn't - yet. Nicolas Dubrocard shares his thoughts on this ...