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Steve Belmonte

CEO of Vimana Franchise Systems LLC

Steve Belmonte is CEO of Vimana Franchise Systems LLC, a hotel franchise company which owns Centerstone Inns, Centerstone Hotels, and Centerstone Plaza Hotels, a mid-tier to upper mid-tier three segment franchise designed to create a fair and cost-effective model for hotel owners. Vimana also owns Key West Inns, Key West Hotels, and Key West Resorts, an economy friendly brand in a three-tier segment giving hotel owners the right fit for their product. The newest addition to the Vimana franchise is the Independent Collection by Vimana, a solution for independent hotels looking to keep their name but desiring soft brand benefits.

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New Year, New Franchise Partner?

In 2018, expect many of the bigger and more mature brands to clean house. If a hotel isn't pretty enough or the property isn't trendy enough (exterior vs. interior corridors), a break-up may be inevitable -- even if your product is acceptable within your local marketplace. Many ...