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Lena Hemsworth

Lena Hemsworth spent a better part of her life working as a business consultant. Now she is a freelance blogger pursuing a life far from deadlines and neon office lights. In her free time, she is exploring trends in architecture and design, watches her garden grow, and tries to find the perfect destination for kitesurfing adventures.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Hotel Full of Guests

It's a tough market out there today. The competition is fierce and businesses have to do their best to attract as many customers as they can. This means that not only there has to be an abundance of creativity and ideas, but also original and trendy approach towards the customers.

The Psychology behind Hospitality: How to Make Your Accommodation Universally Appealing

In this day and age, the typical traveller could really be anyone. Long gone are the days when travelling and hotels were mainly reserved for the wealthy or the business-savvy. With value increasingly being shifted from possessions to experiences and people making use of our connected world, frequent travelling is the norm for many, even amidst modern-day fears.

New Experience For Your Guests: Bike Hotels, Ecotels, Yoga Hotels

Whether starting from scratch or transforming the existing well-established business, hotel investments nowadays require being in touch with ever-changing consumers demands and a clear vision. Not that the time of traditional hotels is completely over, but it is easy to notice a growing number of people who prefer staying in hotels that offer more than usual hotel generic experience.

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