Hillary Bressler

Fractional CMO & Digital Marketing Consultant at Pinch Hit Partners


Hillary Bressler is a travel and hospitality digital marketing expert with 20 years solely focused on digital marketing. She has emerged as one of the go-to consultants for senior level digital marketing in the travel industry. Executives hire Ms. Bressler as a fractional CMO or VP to take their properties and destinations to the next level of digital dominance. She has reviewed and improved the digital marketing plans of over 100 hotel brands all over the U.S. and Caribbean as well as worked with over 20 CVB’s and destinations, theme parks and tour companies. She is at the forefront of trends affecting increasing ROI. Ms. Bressler believes that hotel marketing leaders have the ability to turn hotels into cash cows by being 12-18 months ahead of the curve. She is also the founder of www.happytraveler.com a single parent family travel blog. Hillary Bressler can be contacted at 321-356-4769 or [email protected] Please visit Http://www.happytraveler.com for more information.

Richmond, VA 23233
United States
Phone: 804-349-6463


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