Klaus Kohlmayr

Chief Evangelist at IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Klaus  Kohlmayr

As Chief Evangelist and Head of Strategy for IDeaS, Klaus role is to challenge existing thought processes, create stimulating conversations and help bring to live the future of Revenue Management and Pricing in hospitality and travel. Klaus has been working to challenge the status quo for the last 20+ years. He re-joined IDeaS from TSA Solutions where he led the company’s global commercial, operations and strategic partnership initiatives. Previously with IDeaS he started the companies’ global consulting division and led teams that partnered with leading hotel companies to jointly develop the world’s first group price optimization and function space revenue management solutions as well as requirements for new pricing methodologies. An advocate of lifelong learning, Klaus holds a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management, has studied business at Henley Management College, real estate investment and asset management at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration; and finance and strategy at the Singapore Management University.

Insights by Klaus Kohlmayr (32)

Embedding a culture of innovation and transformation

It is true that innovation requires focus, resources and ultimately funding. At IDeaS we have a multi-pronged approach to innovation: 1) A constant dialog with our clients about their evolving needs and how IDeaS could provide more value to them 2) Continuous research and conversations about evolving end consumer expectations, technology transformation and their implications on hospitality at large and particularly the commercial function.

HITEC TV: It’s Not Your Old Revenue Management System Anymore

Revenue Management has come a long way since its start in the airline industry. Hoteliers have embraced revenue management to help them make better decisions on a day-to-day basis. Many innovative RM platforms are using Artificial Intelligence are Machine Learning to get a handle one the new normal of hotel booking pace and revenue optimization.

A look back on 2020... Lessons learned

While IDeaS has always had a close relationship with its 15,000+ global clients, the pandemic has forced us to align ourselves even closer with the hotels we support. In the initial stages, as demand evaporated and hotels closed, we needed to make the necessary changes to our revenue management and pricing systems to deal with the constantly evolving situation.

Is Rate Parity Obsolete?

The question of whether to deal with rate parity, or not, would be secondary if a hotel is not overly reliant on OTAs in the first place. Therefore, the priority for a hotel is to drive and convert as much direct business as possible.

The Revenuemanager episode #2 - Beyond Room Revenue (FULL EPISODE)

BEYOND ROOM REVENUEthis is the theme of the second episode of #TheRevenuemanager​ seriesgoing live the 22nd of april from 4:00pm CETfeaturingIan Di Tullio Chief Commercial Officer Accor South EuropeSharad Kapur Consultant/Former Head of Revenue Strategy Hyatt HotelsAnnamarie Gubanski CEO Taktikonmoderator Scott Dahl Master's Program Director Les Roches Hospitalityfrom 5:00pm CET the vendor track sessions begin:"live" Interview with Klaus Kohlmayr Chief Evangelist IDeaSErik Tengen presents OakyVassilis Syropoulos presents Juyo Analytics5:45pm CET the Masterclass: DON'T JUST SELL, UPSELL!A practical guide to upselling.
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