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Roger Wolkoff

Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Leadership Expert

Roger Wolkoff helps organizations create authentic experiences for their clients while building trust, improving communications while building teams and leaders. Does your leadership or organization need help communicating and learning how to develop or increase trust? Let’s have real conversations about real conversations. Let’s engage and learn how to develop trust quickly and how to maintain it. Let’s talk about you and your self-belief, your needs — and your wants.
Articles by Roger Wolkoff (4)

"It Would Be My Pleasure"

What do you do when Larry Csonka, two-time Super Bowl champion and MVP asks you to pack his favorite lunch for an afternoon of fishing at your all-inclusive island resort? Or when Steven Tyler, lead singer for Aerosmith, strolls into your off-the-beaten-path Hawaiian bar and ...

Authenticity Beats Customer Service Anytime

Picture a long counter and in front of you is where the magic happens. Off to the left, there's a small four-burner stove top where a cook is tossing vegetables and meats for omelets in one pan, while in another pan he has eggs to order sizzling and near ready to pop onto a ...