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Stephan Wiesener

Co-Founder and CTO at apaleo

Stephan is and entrepreneur and CTO. He is the founder of apaleo, a Munich based start-up developing a next generation hotel management SaaS platform.

Prior to apaleo, Stephan built several tech startups. In 2000, he co-founded conject, a SaaS company for the real estate industry which was acquired by Aconex and belongs to Oracle today. In 2009, he co-founded HouseTrip a peer-to-peer holiday rental platform which was acquired by TripAdvisor. Until 2016 he was CTO and managing director of hetras, a SaaS company for the hospitality industry which was acquired by Shiji in 2016.

Stephan holds a PhD in computer science. He is a passionate product & tech guy and mentors numerous other startup companies.

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