Emilia Jaakkola

Marketing Manager at Valpas

Emilia Jaakkola

Emilia works as a marketing manager at Valpas which is a Finnish design and technology startup advancing contemporary and conscious travel with new IoT technology. Valpas’ wellness system lets people travel the world serene from bed bug anxiety at exciting Valpas Collaborator hotels.

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Sustainability in The Hotel World - an Easy Task or Continuous Compromising?

We all know that hospitality industry has a significant impact on the environment due to its high water consumption as well as hotels' use of consumable goods and energy. Eco-consciousness is on the rise in the hospitality industry but making big environmentally friendly changes might be a more difficult task as one might think thanks to guests' expectations.

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The hospitality industry is constantly exposed to new demands from business travelers, particularly as tech-savvy Millennials have grown up into that customer segment. New technologies - like artificial intelligence and IoT - are revolutionizing hotel guest experience permanently.

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When searching results for "how to check hotel room for bed bugs" from Google you get 12 400 000 results. It doesn't take too many minutes to notice that all of them follow the same dramaturgy. By following these easy steps you guarantee a nice stay in a hotel: 1.

How to build an emotional bond with the most demanding clients, hotel guests

Imagine walking into a fresh hotel room after a long flight; dropping your luggage, collapsing onto the bed before noticing your favorite magazine resting on the table out of the corner of your eye. Seated next to it is a welcome letter addressed to yourself and an iPad tailored toward local services (yes, food delivery!).